Moms Own Soccer with Comcast Event

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Comcast and #WeAllGrow Latina Network but all opinions and comments are my own.

Comcast sent us all this recap video of our day at the CNET smart home. The house is decked out in all things "smart" making it a dream in tech. The perfect setting for Comcast to host there, "Moms Own Soccer with Comcast event".

We were welcomed with delicious food catered by Havana Restaurant  I recommend their macaroni + sliders.  

After all, the mingling with other bloggers invited we listened to all the cool new features the Xfinity X1 had to offer. The demographics of TV viewing audiences are changing rapidly and an international event like the soccer championship puts a spotlight on the increasingly bi-cultural customer/viewer in America and how companies like Comcast are competing for their attention with customized tools and experiences that are most relevant and of greatest interest to them.

  • X1 unlocks the ability for us to do some ground-breaking work in the multicultural space and build a platform that caters to these bicultural homes. The soccer championship is the perfect event to showcase the functionality of the platform.  

  • There are 7 million Hispanic households in our footprint. Spanish is today and will continue to be one of our key strategic pillars as the language has become the predominant non-English language in the United States, spoken by nearly 40 million people.

  • Soccer is a passion for Hispanics. To this day, they remain the most engaged viewer of the soccer championship. Over 32 million Hispanics tuned into the 2014 soccer games and watched an average of 937 minutes, that’s 80% of Hispanic households.
  • Comcast is the nation’s largest cable provider of Spanish-language programming and we offer more than 60 Spanish-language channels.

to learn more about Xfinity's X1 click here #expertofutbolero